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Company Overview

Welcome to Galiawa Education Group, an educational recruitment company based in Erbil, Kurdistan. We are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals by providing them with access to high-quality education and securing study places in various countries.

Our company comprises two educational institutions: a kindergarten school and a university. Our kindergarten school offers a nurturing and stimulating environment for young children to learn and grow, while our university provides a world-class education for students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees.

In addition to our own educational institutions, we also work with leading universities and colleges in Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Turkey, the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, the UK and other countries. We provide comprehensive educational consulting services to students who wish to study abroad, including advising them on the application process, assisting with visa applications, and providing support throughout their academic journey.

At Galiawa Education Group, we are committed to ensuring that our students receive the best possible education, regardless of their background or circumstances. We believe that education is a fundamental human right and we are proud to be part of the effort to make it accessible to all.

Thank you for considering Galiawa Education Group for your educational needs. We look forward to helping you achieve your academic goals and realise your full potential.

Our History



Galiawa Education Group was established in 2016 with a vision to provide students in Kurdistan with access to high-quality education from leading universities around the world. Since then, we have made significant strides in achieving this goal.


One of our major accomplishments has been attaining accreditations with numerous universities across Europe, the Middle East, and the USA. These accreditations are a testament to the quality of our educational services and our commitment to ensuring that our students receive the best possible education.


We are also proud to be officially registered with the Kurdistan’s Ministry of Education. This recognition has helped us build credibility and trust with our students and their families, as well as with the educational institutions we work with.

Since our inception, Galiawa Education Group has quickly risen to become one of the most reputable educational recruitment companies in Kurdistan. We have worked tirelessly to earn the trust and respect of our clients, and this has been reflected in the numerous awards we have received from leading universities such as Cyprus International University and Near East University.


Despite our success, we remain committed to our founding principles of providing affordable, high-quality education to all students in Kurdistan. We are constantly exploring new partnerships and opportunities to expand our reach and offer even more educational options to our students.

our values


These values give us the foundations we need.